Petroleum Transport

United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a critical business investment Center worldwide. The petroleum transport business is one of the best ideas for investing and starting a new business. As UAE is known and reliable for its gas and oil reservation, it comes at the seventeenth rank globally. However, legal permits and other documentation are crucial for establishing such a business.

Business License

Investment in UAE will give you a bombastic thrill!!

With the idea of starting a petroleum transport business in the UAE, you will touch great success. But you have all the information related to the petroleum transport business. DBS can help you by giving their previous advice and suggestions regarding the business.

Their team members will guide you through all aspects and dimensions. Knowing the sensitivity of the petroleum transport business will save you and the environment from a big disaster. DBS is ready to cater to you with a license renewal business license and all the fulfillment of required documents.

Process of Getting a License

Determining the type of business activity is the first thing you have to do. All charges are dependent upon the kind of business activity. At the 2nd point, you must select a unique name for your business by UAE business law.

Now the turn of 3rd and the essential point. If you desire a safe environment for your petroleum Transport business, your paperwork should be completed appropriately. DBS significantly provides their exclusive services by making their complete legal file with all the required documents.

Our professional team will help you understand all the seniority, market demand, environmental situation, required expertise and lost more. Ultimately we make every possible effort to get business approval for your application.

Activity: Trasport, shipping, and storage

License Type: Commercial

Documents Required

Trade License Fee Breakdown

Trade License Renewal Cost

Office Options 

Company Investor, dependents, and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa Fee

Dependent Visa Fees

Employment Visa Fee


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