Used Building Machinery and Equipment Trading

The pre-owned building machinery and equipment market has been growing exponentially, for these are economical options for contractors and construction firms. This trading can be highly profitable, provided you have the knowledge and expertise to probe the market and withstand the competition of the industry. But, like other businesses, you are obligated to do the monotonous paperwork, register your company, and acquire the license.

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Scope of Growth in Dubai

Dubai is witnessing a boom in the used building machinery and equipment. Being the hub of the construction industry, pre-owned construction equipment is gold. However, to start this venture in Dubai, you must get a commercial license from Dubai Development Department (DED). DED obligates businesses to have a presence in Dubai, such as a storage facility or a workplace.

Other laws regulating the sale of used equipment must also be followed, namely authentic disclosure of the equipment’s history and current condition, adherence to safety requirements, and acquisition of any certification or licenses for particular categories of equipment.

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Activity: Used Building Machinery and Equipment Trading

License Type: Commercial

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