Buying and Selling of Real Estate

Real Estate is a vastly prized investment that gives investors huge prospects of diversification, income, and capital growth. The yesteryear has witnessed a consequential boost in the size and scope of global real estate due to the rise in foreign investment, inception of cutting-edge technology, and tools that accelerate transactions in the real estate sector. However, you must complete the paperwork, register yourself, and obtain the license to hit the jackpot.

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Scope of Growth In Dubai

Real estate in UAE, specifically in Dubai, is growing rapidly and welcomes buyers and investors from across the globe. The UAE government has put rules and regulations in place to give impetus to cross-border investment in the real estate sector, which has remarkably whipped up the market expansion. But it is important to carry out the due diligence and be a licensed broker.

The licensing in UAE is overseen by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), a part of the Department of Land and Property in Dubai. RERA straightens out instructions, namely educational qualification, professional experience, language fluency, acing the RERA exam, and background checks. DBS welcomes you with open arms to get you through this painful process.

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Activity: Buying and Selling of Real Estate

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