Falconry Tour Services

The largely popular culture of the UAE is known as falconry. This sport of Emirati acquires tremendous value. Because of this traditional sports activity, they become more strong, honourable and courageous. Emirati believes that they will learn strong willpower, patience, companionship and nobility.

If you are willing to initiate such a business, a big thumb is up for you. To proceed with the falconry tour services business, you have to obtain a license from the commercial activities of the UAE. DBS feels proud to help you get your company license or license renewal.

Beginning Steps

Start your business with the symbol of courage.

The most ancient tradition of Arab emirates is falconry & Emirati give great importance to this cultural activity. A patriotic business falconry tour services have no end in UAE. Falcon is the national bird of UAE and even the only animal with permission to travel on a flight with its owner. To start this business, you only need to fill out a paper and present your plan to maintain a falconry tour services business in UAE. Get a reservation of your agency name; paying the requisite charges will take you closer to possessing the business license.

DBS knows very well how to make all the above processes hassle-free.

Our Services

Our honourable job is to create enormous ease in the path of initiation or running up your business. DBS will do all the paperwork on behalf of you & help you to understand all the necessary legal documents and their preparation for setting up your falconry tour services company. We can make acquiring your trade license, work permit, business license and much more hassle-free. With our full-time efforts, we ensure that you are starting or running a 100% legal business in the United Arab Emirates with proof of legal documentation and business license.

Activity: Tourism Activities

License Type: Commercial

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