Paper Trading

As people are increasingly gripped by trading to make money, paper trading or simulated trading has found a foothold lately. Besides, with each passing day, brokerage firms that offer paper trading services to others are gaining momentum.

But getting authorization from the regulatory authority is a prerequisite if you want to set up a brokerage firm. Licensing regulations may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Getting all the paperwork done for acquiring authorization is a nuisance. Are you worried too?

DBS is keen on providing these services and making acquiring a license impediment-free.

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Scope In Dubai

In recent years, Dubai has seen a galloping increase in brokerage firms, and it is welcoming the ambit of companies that provide paper trading services. With its conducive regulative framework, expanding interest in paper trading, and being the heart of the global market, Dubai is a nirvana for paper trading.

However, to embark on this venture, some mandatory licenses are required from Dubai Financial Services Authority(DFSA) and the Securities and Commodities Authority(SCA). This is where our services come into play. Our company has the expertise to take you to your destination by performing rigorous licensing work and making you legitimate.

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DBS clears the way and enables you to achieve your objective. We breed rapport with you while navigating the laws that obligate the pedestrian process of acquiring a license and getting authorized.

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