Salted Preserved Fish and Seafood Trading

A seafood food venture is always one of the most profitable business ideas in the world. The demand for fine quality yet delicious seafood will never be low. So, people who want to earn profit throughout the year go for salted preserved fish and seafood trading. To run such a business within the premises of the UAE, an investor need to get a trading license from the government agency.

This means you must follow some steps to get approval for your salted preserved fish and seafood trading license. Moreover, one must register its business name to avoid any copyright issues in the future.

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Don’t worry; you don’t have to do it yourself. DBS is here to assist you in getting your license within 1 to 2 days to kick-start your business immediately.

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Dubai is a place that holds a variety of business opportunities, and it is the center of attention all around the world for establishing different ventures. With market saturation, investors must strive hard to get a higher market share than others.

However, some businessmen don’t know much about the rules and regulations of the government in UAE to start salted preserved fish and seafood trading. DBS is getting higher recognition as it makes the paperwork process and other legal formalities easy to complete.

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DBS provides its services throughout the country to help all new investors. With registration and trading licenses, investors feel confident they have government approval and can perform their business operations without threat.

However, all the paperwork, attestation, preparing different documents, and other formalities may take more time if not performed by experts. That is why people take help from DBS for all such matters.

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Activity: Salted, Preserved Fish & Seafood Trading

License Type: Commercial

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