Transport by Refrigerator Trucks

Transportation by refrigerator trucks without legal papers or documentation may be pretty tricky. But if you want to use refrigerator trucks for the transportation process, you can consult with our skilled and experienced consultants who will aid you in getting a legal license as we have links with authorized government members; you will get your legal papers ready within a few days.

Consulting with DBS Website is Always Helpful

You can get full-fledged information by using the DBS website related to transportation by refrigerator trucks. We also have professionals who will deliver adequate and government-approved fillings. Aside from going to our institution and consulting with them, you can shortly move to our website and talk with regulatory persons. The website will guide you on your next step and which things would be necessary for taking the license legally.

What can DBS Team do for your Legal Papers?

If you are scheduling to set up your refrigerator trucks for the transportation business and want to obtain its benefits, then this time is the best as we have the most experienced persons in every industry who can take the required information from the customers and start the legal documentation process

License Plan

You must pay for the first year and skip all the hassles and renewal ordinances for the second year. Cargo Transport leverage will surely be less than other Emirates, and your license will be valid for two years. You must finance and get a complete cargo transport setup with detailed documentation and regulatory subordination.

Activity: Trasport, shipping, and storage

License Type: Commercial

Documents Required

Trade License Fee Breakdown

Trade License Renewal Cost

Office Options 

Company Investor, dependents, and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa Fee

Dependent Visa Fees

Employment Visa Fee


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