Used Electrical and Electronic Appliances Trading

The second-hand electronics market has witnessed explosive growth in recent years charged with sustainable and environment-friendly goods. Likewise, the electrical appliances trading sector has found a foothold due to the emergence of digital marketplaces and online stores, low-cost pre-owned items, and the realization of ecological protection.

But in order to start trading, there are few permits to acquire, namely business license, environmental permit, safety certification, and import and export license. Like starting any venture is tough, getting all these permits is herculean. However, you shouldn’t be on pins and needles because we have you covered.

Our company is here to take care of all your initial nuisances of authorization as per the law of the land.

Market in Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant marketplace for pre-owned electronic and electrical appliances. With the galloping pace of technological advancement, residents of Dubai keep up with this development and update their appliances often, which keeps the market for second-hand appliances lively. Yet to trade the used appliances and benefit from such a market, Dubai has certain regulations in place to get legalized.

The process of authorization of this sort of trade includes registration with Dubai Economic Development Department (DED), acquiring an environmental permit and a commercial permit from Dubai Municipality, obtaining NOC from Waste Management Department, and getting a customs clearance permit from Dubai Customs Department.

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Activity: Used Electrical and Electronic Appliances Trading

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