pro services in dubai

pro services in dubai

Dubai Business Services offers complete range of PRO services in UAE. You can approach us for approvals from Ministry and Government departments, Government and semi Government work, attestation of import and export documents, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs related work, document clearance, document writing, document processing in Labour, Immigration and Economic departments and more. We are a one stop shop for all your needs on PRO services in the UAE.

Taking care of your PRO needs can be time consuming and sometimes even frustrating especially when you have limited in house staff to take care of your public relations needs. Added to that, it is not just about adding an additional staff to take care of your PRO needs but it is important that staff you hire has adequate experience in this field and that he or she knows where one should turn for help for variety of needs in this area. Finding such a person is not going to be easy for you. You can save yourself from all such hassles by contacting Dubai Business Services.

                                   Tasks       DBS  fees per task
       New Tourist Visa 30 days                 500
     New Residence Visa                 1000
     Residence Visa Renewal                 800
     Residency cancellation                 700
     Residency visa re-stamp 700
     New Trade/Business License 3000
     Renew Business/Trade License 800
     New Immigration Card                 700
     Renew Immigration Est. Card                 700
     New MOL Est. Card                 700
     MOL Est. Card Renewal                 700
     Transfer Sponsorship                 500
     Change of Profession                 500
     Entry / residence permit correction                 500
     Local service partner (sponsor) arrangement                 500
     Internal transfer 300
     Office space or virtual office arrangement                 1000
     Salary amendment                 500
     Employment ID card                 500
     Non Sponsored ID card                  700
     Representative / PRO ID card                 700
     Entry permit renewal                 500
     Full assistance with registering & renewing cars in the  U.A.E                 800
     Full assistance with EIDA card applications                 500
     Registration with emirates post (P.O BOX)                 500
    Full assistance with UAE drivers license applications                 500
     Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs                 350
     Birth & marriage certificate legalization & translation                 150
     Securing no objection letters                 450
     Registration of the lease agreement with RERA                 300
     Maid Visa Application                 500
     Re-entry permit application                 500

You will be able to save a considerable amount of time by entrusting your Dubai public relations services to us. We are fully staffed and all our employees have vast experience in all types of public relations services. We deal with all kinds of PRO needs and issues on daily basis and this has given us vast experience in handling all formalities. You can approach us even if you need assistance in writing documents in Arabic for government departments. We have professional document writers that will take care of your Arabic document processing needs.

When you approach the government departments directly for variety of approvals, you may be asked to submit all the required supporting documents. If it is something new to you, you are very likely to be confused with the requirements and at times you may even not fully understand the requirements. Our experts will be able to help you overcome such hurdles. We will help you with the entire process including preparation of the paperwork and processing of the documents. Hiring our public relations services in UAE is not only time saving in terms of paperwork involved but also you can be sure that it will be done correctly right the first time. If you approach the Ministry & Government departments for approvals or attestations, you may make mistakes with the formalities involved and go over the entire process again. Such a trial and error approach will waste a lot of time for your organization and you may not be able to get things done in a timely fashion affecting your organization’s over all efficiency.

You will find our staff not only fully dedicated to offering the best quality services but also very friendly. You can approach us with confidence knowing that you will be able to get the required assistance in a very professional and friendly manner.

Here is our complete list of PRO Services:

  • Ministry & Government Department Approvals Import / Export Document Attestations
  • Work pertaining to
  • Government & Semi-government Departments
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Notary
  • Consular Affairs
  • Document Clearance
  • Document Writing / Document Processing in the departments of
    • Ministry of Labour (MOL)
    • Dubai Immigration
    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Arabic document processing and more

Why Should You Choose Our PRO Services In UAE?

There are number of public relations services in Dubai and you may wonder why you should choose our services over the others.

Firstly, we have vast experience in offering professional public relations services to wide range of companies. We have worked with all possible government departments and their respective document processing requirements. We understand all the formalities and requirements of all the government departments. So you can be 100% sure of accurate document processing and public relations services.

If required we will collect all the documents and papers from your office and the processed document will be delivered to you directly without you having to send a person to submit and receive the documents. You just need to write to us or call us once and we will take care of the rest.

We will help you up to date with your document processing needs by reminding you annually or as per the required renewal terms. You will never miss a renewal or approval again. We will manage your entire public relations needs in the most efficient way. Hiring our public relations service is as good as having a dedicated in house staff.

Unlike having an in house staff and pay them a huge salary every week or every month, you will be paying a very nominal fee for our public relations services. You can save a considerable amount of money on the long run by using our services regularly.

Most importantly, you will not face undue delays in document processing. All the documents will be processed in a timely manner avoiding mistakes and repeated submissions.

We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all the documents you submit with all the information that is shared with us for the purpose of processing the documents. You will enjoy complete privacy.

Why are you waiting still? Go ahead and write to us or give us a call, we will be at your door steps offering the most reliable public relations services in the UAE. You will never have to look for another public relations service provider again as we offer A to Z public relations services.

We are always ready to go the extra mile to have all your needs met in the most satisfactory way at the lowest prices. So stop dealing with unreliable companies that only waste your time and bill you with a very high fee. Our experience, reasonable prices and reliable service have made us one of the most preferred public relations service providers in the UAE. Give us a call and let us know how we can assist you.

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