What is the Cost of LLC Set Up in Dubai?

What is the cost of LLC set up in Dubai?

The cost of LLC set up in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE involves a lot of government fees. The cost to form an LLC company can turn extremely expensive if you lack procedural knowledge. Understanding each cost is crucial – as you may end up spending on things you probably would not require. The affordable way to start an LLC company in Dubai is by taking the assistance of a business setup service provider.

A business setup service provider alerts you right from the beginning about the bound expenses so that you can save on unwanted disbursements. Business setup consultants help you know what to do and when you must do it! This way you can concentrate more on your business, rather than juggling with the government procedures. However, it is good to have a general idea about the cost of LLC set up in Dubai.

Here are the various government costs of LLC set up in Dubai:

Initial approval or Instant license from DED

The Department of Economic Development (DED) provides an instant license or an initial approval for businesses to start their operations.  A nominal fee is charged at this stage that lets you start your operations for maximum 120 days in case of initial approval. However, if you apply for an instant license you can run your business for up to a year before to rent an office space and fulfil other pending legalities. This is a onetime cost.

Approving the Trade name

Your preferred trade name must be approved by the Department of Economic Development. Trade Name Reservation fees and government cultural fees is charged by the DED. Commercial name fee is charged at AED 1000, while foreign company names are charged AED 2000. The fees for trademark name are an extra AED 1000. This price may fluctuate with time, standards and your preferences. Trade name reservation is a onetime cost.

Attestation Memorandum of Association MOA

Attestation of the Limited Liability Company’s Memorandum of Association is done between the partners or the shareholders of the company. The attestation cost may further vary depending on share capital. Nevertheless, this is also a onetime cost.

Drafting the LLC Contract

The contract of a limited liability company contract is typed under the mutual consent of the partners. It is mandatory that the limited liability contract is drafted in English and Arabic. This is done for the better understating on the contract between all the shareholders. The contract needs to be drafted as per the guidelines drawn by the DED and the commercial laws. The translation cost may also incur apart from drafting of the contract. This again is a onetime cost.

Ministry of Economy Fee

The ministry of economy charges a nominal fee of AED 3000 to register the limited liability company. This also a onetime fee included in the cost of LLC set up in Dubai.

Trade License Fee

Obtaining a trade license is a onetime expense, but validity of the trade license must be renewed every year. The trade license fee may vary depending on the business activity. For some business activities a security deposited needs to displayed, while making the payment for the license.

Advertising the Trade name

Depending on the company’s requirement a trade name can be advertised. This is a yearly expense that you must consider while analysing the cost of LLC set up in Dubai.

Commercial License Fee

Commercial license fee is also called as a Tejari fees. This is a cost of LLC set up in Dubai that needs to be paid every year for the commercial activities conducted.

Chamber of Commerce Fees

The chamber of commerce needs to be paid every year. The amount mention is for a general trading company. For an industrial or manufacturing company it may vary from AED 2000 or above.

Municipality Fees for Waste Management

This is yet again a yearly fee to be paid to the municipality. For a general trading company this fee may cost AED 1000, in case of an industrial firm the cost will go up to AED 2000.

Commercial Services Improvement Fees

Commercial services improvement fees are a yearly fee paid for the development work done by the governmental departments to uplift the business.

Administrative Services Fee

The administrative service fee is a payment done for all the documentation work carried out by government departments. However, this is just a onetime expense.

Other important expense noted are –

  • General trading company formations one-time fees of AED 15,000 is required.
  • Contracting License one-time fees of AED 10,000 is charged.
  • Real Estate Brokers Company fees for Economic Department is AED 5,000.
  • Government charges around 5% of amount premises rent.
  • Supplementary fees may be added or may vary as per the business activity and the location of the setup.

Please note that the cost specified only includes governmental charges. This may vary from time to time or agency to agency.

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