Broadcasting and Communication License Registration Cost Mainland

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Upload your documents for license registration ,Investor/Partner and dependents visa applications where applies .

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GDRFA Services

This service is to apply new GDRFA Establishment card (also called immigration establishment card and online visa services) this is mandatory card to apply any investor or partner visas with Dubai online visa services access .

Dubai Investor Residence Visa Services

This service is available once your license has been completely registered in Dubai mainland then we can apply your three years investor/partner residence visa under your business license. Choose if one investor or more partners from drop down menu.

Optional Investor / Partner Visa Services

Allows you to issue investor/partner visa inside UAE and change visa status without having to travel out of UAE in order to issue the visa and change visa status inside country . Don’t tick this service if you will be out of country during visa application process , we will email your visa to you to use it while entering back in UAE to procees with medical fitness test, emirates ID application and visa stamping in passport.

Dependent Residence Visas Of Investors /Partners

Allows you to apply for your dependents husband,wife,son,daughter,father,mother etc.. Dependent visa is valid for three years . select number of dependents from drop down list. You can avail this service once your investor/partner has been stamped in passport and Emirates ID application has been applied.

MOHRE Services

This service is to apply new MOHRE Establishment card (also called MOL Ministry of labor establishment card ) this is mandatory card to apply any employment visas under your company .

Sustainability Contracts

(No need to rent an office to issue your license if you select one of these) Dubai Economy approved sustainability contracts are good option for startups to reduce their initial business setup costs in Dubai , Including inspection allows you to apply investor visas and 4 employment visas and without inspection allows you to get investor visa only .

Activity: Broadcasting and Communication

Legal Type: Mainland – Dubai – Commercial

Documents Required:

  • Passport copy of the owner and partners
  • 5 Choices of Trade Name / company name
  • NOC from employer or current sponsor if UAE resident / Tourist Visa copy if visitor

External Approvals



  • Name Reservation (think of 5 company names based on priority we will reserve the one available )
  • Initial Approval
  • Local Service Agent agreement Drafting
  • Local Service Agent agreement notarizing at Dubai public notary (Local service agent & Investor or their authorized signatories must be present ) this will take couple of hours or less.
  • Office Lease agreement (Ejari) to be arranged by investor emailed to us (copy) or Choose to go with

1- Sustainability Contract (without inspection) AED 4000

2- Sustainability Contract (with inspection) AED 5000 eligible for 4 Employment visa quota

  • Getting DEWA connection for utilities (water & electricity ) if renting an office for the business .

Cost Breakdown for License

Government Fees

Initial Approval and DED form81296.00One time
Name Reservation207760.00One time
Local Service Agent ( LSA)183670.00One time
Department of Economic Development License
fee (Approx…)
27227000 to 10,0002.5 % from Ejari Annual fee
Local Service Agent Fee21788,000Annually
GDRFA Establishment Card Fee190700Annually
License Registration service fee1,0003,650One time
Total656024076First Year
Optional services Fees
Ministry of Human resources and Emaratization6262,300onetime
Sustainability contact (without inspection) eligible for investor visa only **13614000Annually
Sustainability contact (with inspection) eligible for 4 employment visa quota**13705000Annually
Investor Visa11504200Valid for 3 years


Next Year Onward Professional License renewal cost
Local Service Agent Fee21918,000
Dubai Economy License renewal cost273910,000
Sustainability Contract without inspection (if no rented office available) license renewal**10954,000
DED Professional license renewal cost (our Service fee)4101500
Total (Inclusive of Sustainability contract no need to rent an office)**643823,500


  • Once payment voucher is issued whatever is the difference need to pay as the amount mention in the breakdown is estimated rate only.
  • External Approval Fees not included
  • Investor / Partner Visa fees  fees not included you can choose to apply if you are not UAE resident during checkout process .
  • MOA – partners requires personal appearance in notary for signing
  • Government actual receipts will be provided.
  • Cost does not include investor, employment or dependent visa fees of the company and office space rent.
  • ** You can either choose sustainability contract with inspection if you wish to apply for employee visas or without if you want only your investor visa.
  • Foreign Trade name fee of AED 2000 not included .

Office options

Instant License272310,000  (no need to rent office within 1 year)
Physical OfficeStarts from 10,890 USD (depends on no. work station, office type and location)Starts from 40,000 AED (depends on no. work station, office type and location)


Company Investor, dependents and employee visas cost break-down

Investor Visa fee

  • Visa application fee :AED 4000(valid for 3 years)
  • Our service fee: AED 700 (new) AED 500 (renewal) (optional PRO )
  • Renewal of visa fee: AED 700
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 350 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Dependents(wife,son,daughter) visa fee

  • Visa application fee: AED 4000 (valid for 3 years)
  • Our service fee: AED 700 (new) AED 500 (renewal) (optional PRO service)
  • Renewal of visa fee: AED 700
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 350 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Employment Visa fee

  • Visa application fee: AED 5000 (valid for 2 years)
  • Change status & entry inside the country will be additional – 2000 AED per visa application
  • Our service fee: AED 700 (optional PRO service)
  • Renewal of visa fee: AED 700
  • Cancellation of Visa fee: AED 350 ( plus estimated 560 government/services fees)

Time frame

  • Time frame is mainly depend on applicant completion documents
  • License is usually issued within 1 to 2 days from the date of application in the department.