Detailed Insights on the Role of a Dubai Local Service Agent in Setting up a Business in Dubai

Detailed Insights on the Role of a Dubai Local Service Agent in Setting up a new Business in Dubai

Starting a business in UAE could be an uphill task because of the increasing competition in trading, industrial, and commercial domains. Apart from the concerns of competition, new businesses could find that regulatory compliance and due diligence can need some assistance on the home ground! So, how can entrepreneurs find appropriate support and guidance to start a business in the UAE?

This is where the exact point of this discussion starts! Entrepreneurs could avail three distinct variants of sponsorships such as corporate sponsorship, individual sponsorship, and most interesting of all, a Dubai local service agent. So, let us find out the different aspects associated with a local service agent as well as the pros and cons of choosing them for starting your business in the UAE.

What is a local service agent?

The foremost highlight to note in the case of a Dubai local service agent is that they would not own any shares in your business or the profits obtained from your business. However, this is applicable only in the case of businesses oriented towards professional activity.

The local service agent could either be a professional or a government employee in the UAE and companies under the ownership of UAE nationals could also be selected for serving this role. Business owners have to know that local service agents do not claim any form of administrative powers in your business, and they are liable to receive annual payments from the client as a part of the commercial contract signed between them.

Marking out the importance of local service agent

Considering the facts regarding the role and privileges of a Dubai local service agent mentioned above, it can be noted that a local service agent does not have any significant role for a new business in Dubai. However, that is not true!

  • The local service agent serves as a signatory in all activities of the business, which require compliance and due diligence with government regulations.
  • Furthermore, every activity of your business that is related to the government professionally also requires the services of a local service agent.
  • The local service agent is also accountable for conducting meetings and arrangements with various government authorities and regulatory agencies on behalf of the foreign investors in the organization.

Positives and negatives of local service agents

Now that we have been able to identify the various roles and responsibilities as well as implications associated with the job of a Dubai local service agent, it is reasonable to focus on their pros and cons.

  • A local service agent could be easily found online through different business consultancy services in the UAE, which help in setting up a proprietorship, branch office, or civil business in UAE.
  • They can easily ensure time-saving by speeding up the processes associated with business setup.
  • Furthermore, the business does not have any financial obligations to the local service agent.
  • Local service agents can facilitate assistance with document clearance and renewals as well as PRO services.

On the other hand, choosing a local service agent for setting up your business in the UAE is also associated with certain setbacks.

  • The foremost challenge is observed in finding a competent and trustworthy Dubai local service agent.
  • Some local service agents could leave suddenly without any notice.
  • Local service agents are also associated with negative reputation because of their long periods of absence that can hold back many paperwork proceedings.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the presence of a local service agent provides substantial assistance to new businesses in the UAE. However, a little consideration of remedial measures to deal with their setbacks can be quite helpful for availing long term benefits! You can always contact us for further information regarding a local service agent in the UAE and establish your new business flexible. Taking up the challenge to set up a business in the UAE is your decision and helping you get through with that challenge is our job!

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