How to Get a Professional License in Dubai?

How to get a professional license in Dubai?

As the term suggests a ‘professional license’ is a trade license issued to skilled trade workers or commercial entities – who are into service-oriented businesses. Getting a professional license in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE can be advantageous in several ways. But entrepreneurs need to follow a proper procedure to acquire a professional license in the region.

Before we understand the procedures of getting a professional license in Dubai, let’s analyse the various benefits of acquiring it!

Benefits of getting a professional license in Dubai:

Get 100% foreign ownership

A professional license in Dubai mainland offers 100% company ownership to the foreign investor. Entrepreneurs with commercial licenses have to partner with a UAE local. However, professional licenses have no such requirement and do not need to share their ownership.

Opportunities in wider market

Professional licenses have loads of opportunities in a wide-range of market and are not geographically restricted. Entrepreneurs can start a professional business in Dubai mainland. They can do business in mainland, free zones or anywhere inside or outside the country.

Relatively affordable & easier to obtain

Getting a professional license in Dubai is relatively affordable than most business licenses. It is also easier to obtain a professional license and has very few documentations involved. With the correct documents in hand and right business setup service providers – setting up a professional company in Dubai takes less than 48 hours.

Rent an office anywhere

Starting a company with a professional license also allows offers the liberty to set up the office or shop anywhere around the city. For example: Free zones restrict companies to setup within the jurisdiction, but there are no such formalities for companies under a professional license in Dubai mainland.

No corporate or income tax

Just like all other company formation in Dubai mainland, even professional business setups have no corporate or income tax. Only value-added-tax is charged on 5%, which also refundable and comparatively way lower than most developed countries across the world.

Conditions to get a professional license in Dubai:

Condition 1: Paperwork for Professional Trade License

The first condition to get a professional trade license is to approach the Department of Economic Development DED. The DED will further charge you a fee along with a security deposit and reserve a name under which business can be conducted. Essentials forms, passport copies (in case on tourist visa), UID number, Jinsiyya copy of the local partner, NOC in case of sponsor for an expatriate and other permissions from municipality, RTA, health ministry etc. may be required under certain circumstances. Also, BR1 form, name registration certificate, tenancy agreement and EJARI certificate need to be submitted.

Condition 2: UAE Local Service Agent

The second condition of getting a professional license is to have an agreement with a UAE local service agent. This can be termed as the most prolific part as it gives an opportunity to the expatriate to have 100% ownership in the business. Which is otherwise not possible under a tourism, trading or industrial licenses. Select a local service agent who safeguards your investment and ownership.

Condition 3: Professional License is exclusively available for the following industries

  • Management Consultancy
  • Healthcare & Medical Services
  • Institutes & Educational Firms
  • Legal Organisation
  • Technical Services
  • Beauty Salons & Spas
  • Artisans & Carpentry Services
  • Advertising & Marketing Firms
  • Accounting & Auditing Companies
  • Information Technology Services

Nevertheless, each year a range of new and inventive business industries are added into this category.

Steps to get a professional license in Dubai:

  • Submit the application form to get a professional license from the Department of Economic Development.
  • Draft the agreement with the local service agent and attest with public notary.
  • Submit the passport copies of owners or partners.
  • The copies of the local partner’s naturalisation book (Jinsiya).
  • The visa details – tourist, transit or employment visa.
  • In case of employment visa, submit the NOC from the employer of the expatriate owner.
  • Draft Memorandum of Association (MOA) with the local service agent.
  • Get approval from the municipality for the tenancy contract.
  • Submit all the forms with attestation (one original copy each).
  • Submit the initial approval from the authorities, depending on the business activity such as the RTA, Municipality etc.).
  • Make payment at the DED counter and get the license; collect a payment voucher.

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