7 Steps to start a restaurant business in Dubai

7 Steps to start a restaurant business in Dubai

Start a restaurant business in Dubai! Being an international market, Dubai caters to a huge multicultural population apt for a thriving hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants are tremendously productive business entities in the region. There is no doubt that the immense tourism market creates multiple commercial opportunities for restaurants. And with the right amount of planning, opening and running a restaurant in Dubai can be a highly lucrative business.

So, how to start a restaurant business in Dubai? What is the first step that you as a foreign investor or an expat should do?

We have listed down 7 steps that you need to follow to start a restaurant business in Dubai:

Finalise the Concept

Be it a lavish bistro or a cafeteria business setup in Dubai, having a concept offers distinct recognition to the restaurant. This will allow you to make decisions relate to interiors, cost of setup, advertisement, etc.

 Evaluate Costs

Before you start a restaurant business in Dubai evaluate the costs. There will be costs related to food, overheads, kitchen equipment, marketing, rent, etc. The cost of setting up a restaurant in Dubai also involves licensing, certifications and added approvals required from Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Municipality, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and other such judicial bodies.

Appoint Manager

To start a restaurant business in Dubai it is mandatory to appoint a restaurant manager. The restaurant manager needs to have relevant qualification and an authorised certificate to prove his / her qualification. The restaurant manager determines the industry standard requirements of the business.

DED Initial Approval

Get the initial approval to start a restaurant business in Dubai. To obtain the approval you will have to follow the process as defined by the DED.

  1. Get the application form, fill it up and submit to the DED.
  2. Form must be submitted with the owners passport copies.
  3. The location blueprint must be submitted.
  4. Classification card is required to be obtained and submitted to the DED.
  5. The passport copy of the Manager is to be submitted.
  6. Manager’s qualification documents and experience letters must also be attested.
  7. A ‘certificate of good conduct’ must be acquired from the DTCM.
  8. An approval / NOC is required from the Dubai general police headquarters.

Get the Restaurant License

To start a restaurant business in Dubai a list of paperwork and approvals are needed –

  1. Payment receipt of the initial approval
  2. Trade name certificate payment receipts
  3. Minimum three-months of tenancy contract
  4. Ejari certification for the restaurant property
  5. Consent from the Dubai Municipality for sanitation, waste management, public health, etc.
  6. Food license from Department of Food and Safety

Print or Collect the Restaurant License

The DTMC offers e-services that allows you to print the license or collect it at the counter. Submit the documents and payment receipts to get the license.

Appoint business setup service providers to start a restaurant business in Dubai –

To make things easier and swifter most restaurant entrepreneurs appoint business setup service providers. Appoint a business setup service provider to take care of all the approval and documentation involved. Business setup service provider in Dubai help you with setting up a restaurant business in the most easiest ways.

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