Starting a business Abu Dhabi

Starting a business Abu Dhabi

If you have a feasible business idea and want to hit into one of the safest and chief emergent markets in the world, Abu Dhabi is the best place to execute your business idea. Whether you are scheduling to set up a business in the Emirate or thoughtful of opening a branch of a company outside the country, the measures are flexible and transparent. It takes only a few days to finish these procedures if you achieve all the obligation of the authorities.

To initiate a business Abu Dhabi, legal and genuine requirements should be understood to minimize the risk factor. You must go through the relevant laws and get the knowledge of the local culture.

Key steps to starting a business in Abu Dhabi are:

  • Determining Financial Activity Type: It is significant to initiate the measures for issuing a business license, whose fees depends upon the nature of the activity in addition to a few activities to be fulfilled like a site of the business and the total area of a facility.
  • Determining Legal Business Forms: There are many structures and legal forms that are suitable to the requirements and the nature of business like Limited Liability Company etc.
  • Registration of Trade Name: After selecting the legal form and activity of the business, a trade name discriminates the business from others and adapts to the idea of the activity.
  • Obtaining approvals: After getting a trade name certificate, an investor is eligible to apply for the further process of getting a business license and to approach authorities for receiving approvals for practicing the vital business activity. At this stage, an investor can rent his/her site of business.
  • Issuing Business License: After receiving the sanction from the relevant authorities, an investor fulfills all the legal necessities and pays a fee for the business license.

The license given by various the authorities in Abu Dhabi includes Agricultural License, Vocational License, Commercial License, Professional License, and Tourism License. To simplify the initialization of business in Abu Dhabi, Free Zone authorities give support like single window services. Khalifa Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi gives a One Stop Shop facility with the intention of speeding the process of receiving a license, special permits, clearances and approvals from various relevant authorities.

Services provided from DED

A stockholder who is setting up a business in Abu Dhabi can use VIP services provided by DED. DED send their relationship representative to the stakeholder who explains the requirements and documents needed for the desired services. A stakeholder from outside the country can also take the benefit of VIP services.

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